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spikespiegel 08-19-2019 07:46 AM

considering AMGGTS for next car
Hey guys, I currently own a BMW m6 comp pack coupe, and running it with just a ecu tune, stickier tires, and some suspension tuning. I've gone from daily driving to occasional track days, and while the car has been phenomenal and faultless, I am veering more towards having a car I can track at any time.

I'm considering the AMG GTS and wanted to inquire about reliability, I am definitely going to beat on the car at the track ( but with proper maintenance and precautions).
How has people's experience/ownership been?

Secondly, I'm looking at a AMG GTS with the Edition 1 package. Does this package also including the AMG dynamic mounts? THat option is a must for me!

Thanks for any feedback!!

Toronto55 08-28-2019 09:24 PM

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Hi. First off, I think your BMW is, as an M6, a very good and fun car. I own a 2017 AMG GTS. Dark grey, night package with black cross-spoke wheels, blk int. I spent 1.5 years researching on sites, utube, my Benz dealer (I have owned 3 MB previous to my GTS) and anyone I could speak with about the entire AMG GT range. Reliability is one of the things I just needed before embarking on a big-ticket item and you will find no inherent probs with any of the GT's. The packages do differ slightly from USA and Canadian models (I'm in Toronto area) so cannot say whether a GTS will come with the mounts as you hope. Just inquire at a dealer. A few points to ponder; hydraulic steering in the GT range is fab, unsure if you like elec-assisted instead? The ass-end...being rear-wheel...can get away on you even in comfort mode. Fine among Jeremy Clarkson fans/wannabe's., lol! Have not had mine in track mode on a track yet. It is gorgeous to drive and the big nose just accentuates the ride. It is a far diff car than say R8, 911 or BMW i8 in many ways. Test all 4 if you can as they all have their own big character. The GTC, having rear-wheel assisted steering, makes that model arguably better for track than a GTS (550 BHP aside). Maybe look at that instead of the GTS? Good luck

stggmanikufesin 08-18-2020 11:20 AM

I too was looking at a used AMG GTS and it is a higher mileage car, around 50,000 miles. It has carbon ceramic brakes. I know they are a small fortune to replace. How long should I expect the original ceramic breaks to last, and if I do replace them, can I do the whole job and retrofit them to steel rotors?
Also with a higher mileage car is there anything else I should pay attention to?
I'm coming from a 2010 Audi R8 and I know in the older models of R8's, I need to look for frame cracks, AC failure and magnetic suspension issues.
Thank you for any advice!

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